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The Problem in Africa is simple. Europe has it foot on Africa's throat. Corruption by African Leaders is killing the Continent. 

Africans try in vain to migrate to Europe to find a better life. But the Harsh reality is this...unless you are educated, have professional marketable skills the life you will have in Europe will be nothing but Hell!!!

FACT...If you cannot find a job in Africa you won't find one in Europe. 

So what is the Answer???

Ksniptv has a solution!  "LEARN then EARN"

Make life better here in Africa through Education, Job Training, A Job, and Starting your own Business!!!

 Ksniptv    LEARN  Project

Ksniptv will offer the following Business Opportunities for Africans in Nigeria and cameroon. Later in other countries where the slave trade trail exist. 

Alternatives to Prostitution to Earn Money are 
Education & Jobs for Women & Youths to get out of this lifestyle. Job Training in Sewing, Computer Programming, Data Analysis, Animation & Digital High Definition Theory/TV Production. The Job Development Skills Can be used as a way out for most Women and Youths in Africa.

Jobs for Women and Youths

Women can learn to Sew using machines to do this work and sell their designs on line using e-Commerce Platforms. Other women who have fashion designs can do the same and sell on line using our e-Commerce Platforms 
and get paid good money doing this.  

For Girls in Africa who have to change their University Course of Study because they Refuse to Sleep with their Professors!!!

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