Benefits for the Africa Film Commission Members:PIRACY will affect your Royalties & Commissions, thus their is an incentive for us to prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the U.S laws for Pirating any African Content we distribute. 

The Africa Film Commission has joined forces with several distribution companies in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Partnering with the U.S distributor means they too will receive commissions from the African content they distribute in the U.S for our members. You are invited to join the new Africa Film Commission that will provide for the African Media Specialist a host of benefits plus a level of Protection against PIRACY in the United States. 
Benefits of the African Film Commision to its members
1. Human Resources- Training of  African Crews by U.S   
    production teams    
2. Infrastructure-Organizing of Local Studios & Production       Facilities              
3. Venue-Organizing of local Media facilities for     
    International Productions
4. African Scripts Registered with the Writers Guild 
    of America. (small fee for this service)

 KSN IPTV will begin casting in Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana November 15, 2017. Crew Interviews will begin November 1, 2017    
Production begins January 15th 2017. 

Contact George Collins at
Los Angeles,Ca. 1-310 433 4161  
Mobile 237 690 447 415 
237 662 662 098  

To Become a Member of the Africa Film Commission Click and Fill out the Film Commission Membership Form Click the Submit Button after you have submitted the form, we will contact you. 
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Los Angeles, Ca. 1-310- 433 4161
Africa                237 690 447 415
                        237 662 662 098