Media Training
KSN IPTV will train & emploi 60 people & launch its new TV 
channel starting with the following Training Courses for English 
Speaking & High School & University Graduates ONLY

Specialty Courses for KSNIPTV Production

Digital High Definition Theory-
Prerequisite for all Specialty Courses

Adobe Premier-Video Editing/After Effects/Photo Shop

Adobe Sound Booth-Audio Recording

Maya3D Animation/Graphics

Final Draft-Scriptwriting

DreamWeaver-Web Design

Prerequisites for all Courses

  • English- Short Course for Anglophones & Long Course for Francophones Grammar/Punctuatuion/Writing/Spelling/Improve your speaking skills for US Embassy Interviews and US Jobs.

  • Computer Oerations

  • Typing/Ten Key Pad

Media Training
Content Submission
TV Radio Stream
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